A little folk dance etiquette enhances everyones enjoyment.


Smile at other dancers. We dance with everyone in our set so give a little eye contact and give the impression you are delighted to be dancing with everyone in your set, especially newcomers.


Change partners now and again. This helps to generate the social atmosphere and helps newcomers integrate. At folk dance clubs it is fine for ladies to ask anyone to dance and same gender couples are okay too.


Help people gently. If someone looks lost, gently guide them, point discretely or use brief words. Remember, no one likes to be pushed or pulled.


Listen carefully to the caller and music at all times.

Walk the dance in time with the caller as he/she explains it.

Rushing ahead may confuse newcomers and everyone else in a complicated dance!

Try to dance in time with the music.


Join sets at the bottom, not the top (as in queues).


Thank people fellow dancers, the caller, the band, organisers etc.


In these ways lets make our dancing incredibly enjoyable.