Privacy Notice for Frenchay Folk Dance Club

Frenchay Folk Dance Club (FFDC) collects personal data for the purpose of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation.

The data we routinely collect includes members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers (home and mobile) and email addresses as well as membership and club night attendance data for the current and the immediately preceding membership year.

We use the data for the administration of club membership, club accounts, club events and the communication of information about club events including cancellation.

Personal data will not be shared with any third party including other members.

The data is supplied to us by individuals completing the FFDC contact form.

The information is stored in digital form on computer and the original forms are stored by the Honorary Secretary who is responsible for ensuring that FFDC discharges its obligation under the GDPR 2018.

The personal data can be accessed by Officers of the Club and other members of the committee solely in order for them to carry out their legitimate tasks for FFDC.

You can check the data FFDC holds about you by contacting the Honorary Secretary.

You can ask for any or all of your data to be removed at any time by emailing  or contacting the Honorary Secretary.

You may choose to not receive emails, texts or phone calls from the club by requesting that contact information is removed from the club records.

An individual’s personal data will be removed from the club contact list when a person has not attended a club event for two years. Data will be reviewed at the end of each membership year.

We store Committee Minutes and AGM Minutes (both electronically and hard copy) which may contain some personal data of individual members (eg roles, thanks for certain jobs).

Photographs of club events are displayed at events and on the website. You can withhold or withdraw your consent from being included in any photograph at any time by emailing or contacting the Honorary Secretary.


May 2018